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Sit back, relax, and spend some time in our virtual arcade!  What better way is there to waste some time than playing these classic games on your favorite Chevy trucks site?  Put away your quarters and get ready to have some fun!  Warning:  These games are addictive, but highly entertaining!

Race Day- A tribute to the original 'Pole Position', complete with multiple tracks, high scores, and more realistic driving than our original 3d Driver!

Jungle Runner-  Remake of the classic Atari "PitFall" game.

City Defender-  Remake of the classic 'Missile Command'!

Mah Jongg-  No longer a secret to the far east! Try you hand at the Solitaire version of this ancient oriental tile game, or learn to play using the 'Beginners Mode' -- Finding what tiles are available, finding matches, and getting hints are all just a click away! There's even an unlimited 'undo' feature, so that you can explore different ways to play a board!

Shisen-  For those of you who have mastered Mah Jongg, here's a new Solitaire challenge -- Shisen! The object, as in most solitaires, is to remove the similar pieces. The layout is a single layer, spread 18 tiles wide by 8 tiles deep. The catch? You can only remove tiles that no other tiles are between, or that can be connected with a line of no more than two bends. If you're unsure of this, feel free to use the Beginner's mode -- Once you see it in action, you're sure to catch on quickly!

3D Driver-  If you're looking for high-speed thrills, you're in luck with 3d Driver! While this game had originally started as an experiment with Java optimizations, it quickly caught on, and caught the eye of many fans. The game itself is pretty simple; drive -- FAST! You're on a semi-scenic mountain road, so enjoy the curves, hills, and scenery -- At least, as much as you can at 150mph. Oh, and try to keep it on the road, and away from the other traffic!

J.A.T.C.-  Tetris

Lemonade Stand-  Sim-Business in it's simplest form -- A virtual Lemonade Stand! While originally being developed for youngsters to help stress good business practices, it seems pretty popular among the "kids at heart", as well.

You will control all aspects of your Lemonade Stand, from pricing, to quality control, to purchasing your necessary inventory, all while dealing with unpredictable weather, picky customers, and inventory wastes.

4-Wheelin-  If you're looking for off-road excitement, look no further than 4-Wheelin'! Based on technology started by 4WebGames with 3d Driver, this down & dirty version delivers smoother frames, jumping, sliding, bouncing, as well as full sound effects, custom-designed tracks, and a high scoring system!

Vex-  Kinda like a 4-sided Dominoes!

Infectious-  The game has many variations and names, but the object is simple -- Try to infect the entire board by turning it to a single color, in the fewest number of moves. To do this, you may mutate your own color to attach to other tiles, using them to help spread. To change colors, just click on a tile with the color you want to mutate to.

Similar-  The game has many variations and names (I think it was originally called 'Same Game'), but the object is simple -- Try to remove the matching pieces in as few moves as possible. The more pieces you can remove at once, the higher your score will be.